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Patton Leadership Consulting is excited to present a full series of informative and helpful classes for 2019.  
All will be held at the Leavenworth-Lansing Chamber of Commerce. 

These fast-paced 3-hour sessions cover an important and timely array of topics that can boost your organization to higher levels.  If you are always looking to stay on the front lines of leadership, don't miss these helpful classes.  
At just $39 per class, there is a great value in learning and networking. 

Select your topics below and register today. Classes are limited to only 10 seats.
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10 Secrets to Leading Millennials: Growing Your Organization to Survive

THU MARCH 28th 9AM-12N Learn 10 Secrets to leading Millennials, the fastest growing population in the workforce Learn about generational leadership and help you unlock the hidden potential of your employees Create a team of future leaders instead of a team of just followers by empowering them in the workplace and providing the work culture they thrive within Prepare for the future of your organization by having a plan for it to survive when you are no longer involved

Strategic Planning: Making a Vision a Reality

TUE APRIL 16th 9AM-12N Learn to write a business vision, mission statement, and values. Use these tools to help develop organizational goals. Help your business's departments nest their vision and goals within the overarching goals to help achieve success.

The Key is Always Communication

THU MAY 30th 9AM-12N Communication is the basis of all relationships. A business succeeds or fails depending on its ability to communicate both to organizations outside and the employees internal to the organization. See how effective meetings can can impact your business.

Servant Leadership: Putting Others Before Self

THU JUNE 27th 9AM-12N Servant Leadership is the common tag line, but military leaders learn very early in their service what it means to serve those that serve the nation. During this class we will discuss the importance of the terms leadership by walking around and leaders eat last. The class will also discuss the importance for a leader to be a good follower.

The Power of Positive Feedback

THU AUG 29th 9AM-12N Sometimes business gets so focused on goals, that all forms of motivation are negative. Step into the world of positive motivation. See how a funtionioning feedback loop can lead to positive feedback and a rewards based business. Combine this with effect listening and watch your business take off.

Productive Leadership in the Digital Age

WED SEP 25th 9AM-12N The digital age has allowed the modern workplace to adapt in many wonderful ways. For the traditional leader this is new and may be downright scary. Come discuss with us how to lead remote, virtual and mobile work forces. See how those leadership basics of communication, meeting management, trust and support work digitally.

Navigating Conflict in the Workplace

WED NOV 20th 9AM-12N Despite our best efforts, no workplace is devoid of conflict. How do you manage bullies and toxic followers at work? How do you work for less than pleasant bosses? How can we influence those around us to make our environment a place we want to work.

Every Interaction is a Negotiation

WED DEC 18th 9AM-12N Whether you are talking to a company about your compensation, a retailer about materials your business needs or figuring out where to eat dinner, you are always in a negotiation. How do you get what you need and also get most of what you want is an art. Come talk to us about it.